Cape Jaffa Wines – Savouring ‘The Set’

Awesome drop!

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Cape Jaffa Wines is the first fully certified biodynamic vineyard on SA’s Limestone Coast, and owners Derek and Anna Hooper recently commissioned me to come up with some savvy label text for their exquisite new range ‘The Set’. In addition to being hugely talented winemakers, they’re mad keen surfers who have shaped their lives around the outdoors. I wrote an article about their breathtaking home overlooking the Southern Ocean for SA Life magazine a few years ago and you can read it in my portfolio (Cape Cool) by clicking here. I was left incredibly inspired by their work-life balance – vintage being the exception!

Many consumers love the idea of discovering the personality behind the regionality of wine, and I wanted to capture the Hoopers’ unique story on a bottle:

“It takes a special combination of natural elements to create the perfect wave, and the same forces are at work in the coastal vineyards of Cape Jaffa Wines where practices in tune with the earth produce regionally-distinct, cool climate wines with a strong maritime influence.

‘The Set’ reflects the Hooper family’s quest for the ideal ‘break’ – that balance between work and play, and the never-ending search for nature’s perfection, in the bottle…and at the beach.”

We can all drink to that!

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